Seeking a Curriculum Designer for NYC Digital Safety

Posted on May 03, 2018

NYC Digital Safety: Privacy & Security is a partnership between Brooklyn Public Library, The New York Public Library, Queens Library, and Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO), a library resources council serving NYC and Westchester County. With support from the City of New York Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer, the project will ensure that NYC residents can rely on public libraries for their questions about internet privacy and security.

More than 1,000 library staff members throughout each of the three library systems will receive specialized training on online privacy and digital security in late summer and fall 2018. Curriculum developed during the course of this project will build on the work done through the Data Privacy Project.

We’re looking for a consultant to update and modify curriculum developed by Data Privacy Project ( to reflect today’s privacy and security landscape. Core content will be delivered to library staff members via online modules. Reinforcing concepts and further discussion will be provided in a three-hour in-person training. Both components should not exceed three hours of contact, for a total of six hours of content.

Curriculum developed under this project should give library staff the tools they need to make their own judgments within their individual circumstances. Curriculum should not be solely prescriptive but rather should convey the extent to which privacy is a contextual notion defined by sets of values (laws, social norms, professional norms, institutional policies, technological platforms). Different tools and tactics will make sense for different people; curriculum should acknowledge that the steps necessary in maintaining digital privacy and data security depend on the circumstances of the end user.

The library context is crucial for participants’ understanding of concepts within data privacy and digital security. The NYC Digital Safety: Privacy and Security curriculum should anchor and deepen this learning by drawing on library user profiles to illuminate the training topics.

For more information about the timeline for the project, and to submit a proposal, please visit this form. Proposals are due by the end of the day on Friday, May 25.

Please be in touch with Davis Erin Anderson, project manager, at with your questions.