Create Your Own Library-themed Podcast Playlist

Posted on July 12, 2017

Library Bytegeist isn’t the only library podcast out there. You can find a list of library podcasts on the Circulating Ideas blog.

A couple you should check out:

Book Club for Masochists

Hosted by a group of five librarians (who are also friends) who podcast about books that they read from a randomly selected genre every month. They did a live episode from the ALA annual conference in Chicago

The Book Squad

Produced out of Lawrence Public Library. The hosts just released a “bonus length” episode. They engage in a fun toe-to-toe discussion in “she Said/she Said” about Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler PLUS a discussion of the new documentary, I Am Not Your Negro.

The Secret Stacks

A podcast all about comics and libraries hosted by Kristin LaLonde and Thomas Maluck. The hosts recently posted an episode called “Get Out of Your Silo” in which they discuss library conferences they have attended, as well as Thomas’ Wonder Woman movie experience.

If you listen to past episodes of Library Bytegeist, you’ll hear that it covers current issues in information science, like wifi networks, digital security, and data art, that people don’t necessarily associate with their traditional conceptions of a library. These stories reflect the real, current work of the Metropolitan New York Library Council community, which has changed radically since METRO was founded in the 1960s but still remains dedicated to the core values of librarianship: making information accessible to all, now and into the future, in order to nurture an informed society and promote intellectual freedom. Information technology will change, audio formats will come and go, but libraries will continue to collect, organize, preserve, and make accessible the byproducts of our human experiences. Libraries have stories to tell. All we have to do is stop and listen …

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