Coordinated Collection Development Aid

New York State recognizes the contributions academic libraries make to state and regional resource sharing. The CCDA program provides annual grants to academic libraries at public and not-for-profit colleges, universities, and community colleges. Since 1981, academic libraries in the METRO region have received more than $8 million in coordinated collection development aid from this program.


Who is Eligible?

CCDA funding is available to academic libraries that are eligible to receive State aid and that meet certain other eligibility criteria. They must be a member of a reference and research library resources system, and must fully participate in interlibrary loan and other resource sharing programs.

The Application Process

Applications are mailed in the spring, and libraries receive their funds in the following fall. First-time applicants must submit a “New Participant Form,” which is available from METRO. The funds are allocated via a formula based on student enrollment levels and other criteria. Applicants must also meet certain eligibility guidelines related to annual budgets. METRO provides support to academic libraries for the application process, and reviews all applications and other forms before they are forwarded to the State. Funds are distributed directly to member libraries. Approximately $700,000 is awarded annually to area academic libraries.

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